Nintex Web service HTTP status 400: Bad Request error

I had a workflow  that crashed with a HTTP Status 400: Bad Request error. The workflow needs to copy an item in another site collection via a Nintex web service action.

The strange thing was that this only happened on one list item.

As it turned out to reason is that the title of the list item contained a “&” character and the web service crashes on special characters. So we have to excluded the parsing of the title, this can be done with the term CDATA.
The term CDATA is used with text data that should not be parsed by the XML parser.
Characters like "<" and "&" are illegal in XML elements.
"<" will generate an error because the parser interprets this as the start of a new element and
"&" will generate an error because the parser thinks this is the start of an character entity.


Add a build dynamic action to your workflow and add as formula <![CDATA[{ItemProperty:Title}]]>

Save the result in a variable and replace the title in the web service request with the newly created variable

Set CDATA item property

Update: At another customer the workflow crashed with error: Failed to query list data. An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 1, position 207.
This was also due to an ampersand character in the title of the item.



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