Get the data with Request data action

A purchaser of my book (the Nintex Workflow User's guide) wanted to know if it is possible to use a Flexi task action to request an approval at a user and also give him the option to edit the task at the same time.

As an example: an item is categorized as high importance. A user's approves the task connected to the item but disagrees with the importance and wants to lower this importance.  

Flexi  task

There is the option in the Flexi-task to change and add outcomes to the task but adding extra task for every option is not always a good idea:


Resulting in this outcome:

 Request data

 In this example it is better to use the Request data action. This action has the same options as the Flexi task; it can send reminders, use escalations and modify the Task form, but we can also use it to ask more data from the user. The Request data action stores the data in a Content type, this content type can be used between actions and even workflows. In this example we created a Content type called ApprovalAndImportance.


Create fields 

Create the Approve task field with the choices Approve and Reject 

 Create the Importance field with the options High, Medium and Low

Store the field outcomes in variables, we kindly used the help from the variables ApproveOutcome and ImportanceOutcome.

Now we adjust the Task Notification Mail so the receiver knows what the importance is at this moment.  



You can use the results in other workflow parts, for example in a set a condition or in a switch action. The set a condition can take the variable ApproveOutcome for a simple true or false check.  


In a Switch action the outcome can be split into multiple options.  


 PS: The content type is only created when you publish the workflow. If you save the workflow you need to recreate the content type.

 If you liked this article be sure to have a look at Nintex Workflow User's Guide for more tips, tricks and hands-on assignments.


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